Where is new print going to come from?

Becoming a consultant has been great fun and every new business I visit presents new challenges.

However the one common theme is “how do we generate new business”.

In reality what most clients mean is “help me offer something that differentiates me from all the other printers in the world that give the same quality, service and price that I do”.

While there are lots of tricks and ways of presenting yourself as a business that can win work by giving the customer a clear benefit to using your service, I wonder if this is really “new” business at all.

If, as an industry, all we do is chase the existing work we know about and steal it from the competition at ever cheaper prices then the doom and gloom that surrounds us now will continue.

The really clever printers are looking to build genuinely new business. Stuff that was not being done before they pitched up and showed a client how to make the most of print and all it offers as part of the marketing mix.

I have seen both a printer and his customers transform their business when the printer stops being a supplier and gets right into the heart of his customers’ problems, especially marketing and brand control.

So instead of looking to take orders from customers and asking them “what do you print and can I quote please?” let’s work together as an industry to educate and inform everyone about what print does  and how it can support and grow business.

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